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Our Cast

Marvin Melendez - Ken

Marvin was born and raised in Gainesville, FL.  Marvin was actively performing Spoken Word Poetry throughout Florida.  After having a curiosity of acting Marvin auditioned for his first play in High Springs, Florida. Realizing that this is something he loved, he took every acting gig he could get his hands on. After several acting gigs, Marvin challenged himself to write in a new film titled Vlog. With having acted in several stage productions such as Rehearsal For Murder and Sylvia, and on-camera productions like CBS All Access hit drama Tell Me A Story, Marvin is the Writer, Producer, and Actor for our feature film, 'Vlog'. 


Follow him on Instagram @theonlymarvingm. 


Maggie Hood - Mindy Summers

Maggie grew up in North Carolina where she began working professionally at age 15.  In 2009, she moved to the city to attend NYU for a BFA in Theater. She trained in the Meisner Studio and studied Shakespeare at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Maggie graduated a semester early with honors.  She has been in national commercials for network TV and on the web, editorials, non-union theater all over the city and on television. She has also taken to producing female-led Shakespeare with the little but fierce company she co-founded: The No Name Collective. A Brooklyn resident and proud redhead, Maggie considers herself an actor, multidisciplinary artist, and advocate for kids and the incarcerated. Maggie works with Bercy Talent Management and Innovative Artists. She also spent the summer of 2011 working with The Osbrink Agency in LA and returned to work with them for Pilot Season 2014.


For more information visit, and keep up with her on Instagram @maggiehood4


Bobbye Boatright- Andrew

Bobbye Boatright was born in Indianapolis, IN. He attended Indiana State University in 2014 not knowing what to expect. He never thought about being an actor until his friend convinced him to join a basic theater class in college. Bobbye then wrote his first short play and realized this is what he was meant to do. After a year and a half of researching, he decided to audition for his first short film. He continued to dig deeper into his craft having the time to work with some great Hollywood’s talent. Now Bobbye is living in Georgia pursuing his acting career. You can keep up with him by following his social media. 

Instagram @OfficialBobbyeBoat

Facebook  @Bobbye Boatright

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