Meet the Team

Marvin Melendez - Writer  & Producer


Marvin was born and raised in Gainesville, FL.  Marvin was actively performing Spoken Word Poetry throughout Florida.  After having a curiosity of acting Marvin auditioned for his first play in High Springs, Florida.  Realizing his passion for acting, Marvin strived to take every acting gig he could.  After several acting gigs, Marvin challenged himself to write the feature screenplay titled the Vlog.  With having acted in several stage productions such as 'Rehearsal For Murder' and 'Sylvia', and on-camera productions like the CBS All Access hit drama 'Tell Me A Story.'  Marvin is ready to act in his own production that he hopes will not only serve as a joy to watch but also as an inspiration to those who are dealing with a life-altering event in their life. 


Follow him on Instagram @theonlymarvingm

Alec Poole - Director


Alec Poole was born in Fresno, California, and moved to Mississippi at the age of 8. Poole at a young age fell in love with movies and filmmaking. Following his passion for film, he graduated from Hinds College with 3 majors in Filmmaking. Over the past two years, he has been working in the film industry on several independent films and even directing short films. Poole specializes in marketing on social media, he has successfully reached over 450,000 followers on TikTok.



For more information follow him on social media on Instagram @itsyaboi_alecofficial and TikTok @itsyaboi_alec

Kristin R. Thomas - Producer

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You can follow her on Twitter @Indiefilmgirl and on Instagram @Indiefilmgirl23

Kristin R. Thomas has accomplished more within the state lines of North Carolina than what often takes many filmmakers within the Los Angeles city lines years to accomplish. From a young film buff to a self-taught film student, with a strong appetite for knowledge, it's no wonder that Thomas now calls the shots at her own production company.

After attending Appalachian State University, Thomas got a job at Cutters Production as a Production Assistant and the Executive Assistant. While working at Cutters Productions, Kristin knew her heart belonged to film. In faith, Thomas quit her job and the next day started working as a Producer for a feature film.  Not looking back, Kristin Thomas started producing Indie films and specializing in branding opportunities as a funding source for entertainment projects, events, theatrical plays, and print media.  Thomas is currently the Creator, Executive Producer, and Host for the LGBTQ+ media outlet, “Trip Out TV." 


Kristin continues to provide production services for Hollywood Movie Studios,  Independent Producers, and Web Creators worldwide. 



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