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VLOG is a passion project for our production team.  The feature film was written by Marvin Melendez and it started writing the film in 2013.  The story centers around a shy young man named Ken.  Ken a quiet, yet social banker who records a viral video after he discovers that he has a life-changing illness.  The film follows the twists and turns that he faces as he is forced to learn how to navigate his newfound fame when a viral video announces his illness.  While fighting for his life, can Ken keep up with fame or does he go back to his quiet life?

Production Company

MountainGirl Productions is proud to produce VLOG with Marvin Melendez.  MountainGirl is based in Asheville, North Carolina, founded by Kristin R. Thomas in 2008.  Thomas created the production company to help filmmakers worldwide secure financing through branding opportunities like corporate sponsorships and product placement.  MountainGirl Productions is a film production and branding agency that has clients worldwide, making the company a one-stop-shop from development to post-production services.  Since 2008, MountainGirl Productions has successfully funded over 50 film productions through branding and helping over 25 events seek sponsorships.  


Vlog is a fun movie that highlights what it's like to have a life-threatening illness while managing new fame in the viral world.  Thomas feels this movie is perfect for audiences worldwide turning these tough times with the Pandemic and Black Lives Matter.  'Laughter is needed right now and Vlog will bring the laughs you need,' said Kristin Thomas. 

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