Black Washed Wall


The Movie



Ken, a shy young man who loves living the quiet life among his family and friends. One day a viral video comes out about him, forever changing the course of his life. When the video announces he has cancer, making him viral famous, Ken has to learn how to navigate this newfound fame. Being someone that likes to help others, Ken must figure out how to make the best of a difficult situation in a way to help others. Join Ken on his ride to fame while fighting for his life. What would you do? 

He enjoys being in the background and helping others but when a video of him announcing he has cancer to his family and friends goes viral he has to learn how to navigate this newfound fame. With his two best friends Ken and Mindy along with his lively family, he does his best to turn this difficult situation in a way that motivates those around him.

Television Sillouhette

Meet the Cast

Marvin Melendez
"Ken Acevedo"

Bobye Boatright
"Andrew Montgomery"

Maggie Hood
"Mindy Summers"



MountainGirl Productions

P.O Box 265 

Asheville NC 28804

Executive Producer -Kristin R. Thomas